Monday, March 2, 2009

Rapidshare automatic download script for free users

Recently, rapidshare has removed captcha protection from their website and this makes it much easier to automate downloads from rapidshare.

Here is a little script i've cooked up which is available for Windows and Linux(for the Windows script it uses UnxUtils which is a win32 port for some essential linux apps, don't worry i've included the necessary binaries in the package).

Here's a Windows screenshot:

Linux screenshot ;) :

Links Updated! 3 July 2010
Version 1.5 released!
Premium support added 

(Thanks to all those who contributed, especially Tavva Capoblud)

Occasionally, rapidshare may change the way their website works and this script might stop working, but for now it works without problem!
No longer works...

For linux users, this is just a simple bash script. Just do the following to set it up:
chmod +x ./rsdown_linux/

Note that you need to have the following tools installed(which are installed by default most of the time): cat,cut,gawk,grep,sleep,wc,wget

For Windows users, extract the package, and navigate to the rsdown_win folder. then:
1. right-click on
2. choose Open with -> Browse to the rsdown_win\bin\ folder
3. choose sh.exe, and press ok

Now, you can add your rapidshare downloads to the dllist.txt file and do:

cd ./rsdown_linux/

double click on (inside rsdown_win folder)

Downloads will be stored in the dls/ folder.

The script will automatically start the downloads in the list, and even if the DOWNLOAD LIMIT has been exceeded, it will wait and retry until it can download the other files.

If any problem occurs or you like it or have any suggestion, don't hesitate to post a message! Hope you enjoy it.

Version 1.5
- Tiny bugfix, added the -c switch to wget when using premium account to resume downloads
Version 1.4                                                                                  
- Rapidshare premium support added - account details are stored in premium.conf
- comments allowed in dllist.txt: lines starting with #
- PATH configured automatically on Windows, no need to change via System->Environment variables
- Added $OS variable, for compatibility with both Windows and Linux in a single script
- Some bugfixes/more meaningful variable names
Version 1.3
- reworked to prevent fast looping / out of order downloading when any problems appear ...
- 3 min delay added between the particular retries to prevent overloading of the server with unsuccessfull download requests
- download status checking to prevent failures of the script execution when the main wget fails (the consequent changedir is not skipped and the script can retry the download)
- link counter fix
- number of wget internal tries set to 1 (fixes "download session expired" states when the download is interrupted in the middle)
- tools presence checking (as suggested by "Anonymous")